Make It Participatory

Making change involves moving people to action. So why not take an interactive approach? Whether you’re offering someone a cup of coffee, inviting them to spin a giant wheel, or asking them to pose for a photo shoot, inviting others to participate in your creative intervention encourages them to take ownership of the issues and the outcomes.

Here are just a few of the FTV projects that have been participatory:

Watch the trailer for the #JoleneVaccineChallenge and record your own lip sync!

Apply it:

  • If you’re planning a performance on the street, create something that a passerby can do. Can they make a decision? Can they shape the message? Can they see the impact of their involvement?
  • Offer multiple levels of engagement: verbal and nonverbal, brief and more involved, active and reflective.
  • Give your audience something they want – maybe it’s tangible, maybe it’s metaphorical, maybe it’s both.