Apply for Free the Vaccine for COVID-19

We are outraged! As we surpass more than 5 million deaths worldwide from COVID-19, we all want to see an end to the pandemic. Pharmaceutical corporations and governments continue making choices that are perpetuating global inequities. But you have the power to give people access to COVID medicines. Join our next round of Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 and learn how you, together with others from around the world, can use creativity and culture to make policy changes that will save lives. This is a streamlined version of the program you know and love.

Application deadline 5pm EST Monday October 18 please!

What’s the same this time

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 is (still) very much a campaign calling for COVID-19 diagnostic tools, treatments, and vaccines to be free from IP monopolies and available to everyone everywhere, free at the point-of-delivery. Simple right?

To meet this challenge we have brought together a collective of volunteers – artists, health workers, students, activists – from around the world to put pressure on public institutions and pharmaceutical companies to share their patents with the world. Our campaign is a collaboration between the Center for Artistic Activism, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, and HealthGAP.

As part of the campaign, participants work in our advocacy innovation labs to organize creative actions to help the campaign achieve our objectives.

What’s different this time

  • 8 week session, only one plenary meeting per week offered (at a new time likely 8pm EST on Wednesdays)
  • Fewer numbers of people who already have experience
  • We’re only targeting Moderna as part of the broadrer fight to revolutionize the way we make medicines

Over the course of eight weeks (starting the week of October 25th 2021 ie VERY SOON), participants will commit a few hours a week to join weekly live meetings, meet separately with their labs, and implement creative actions on the ground. This commitment is key to organizing awesome actions, building community, and pushing our campaign agenda forward.

For this season, previous activism and access to medicines experience IS required. As a participant we’ll be taking your access to medicines, creative activism skills and amping them up to the next level! Like past participants, you’ll build and grow new relationships and become a part of our exciting community. Those who participate fully in all 8 weeks are eligible to receive a document certifying their participation (let us know soon if this could help will college credit etc).

Having launched in March 2020 our 4th season is going to be a bit different. This time we’ll focus on pressuring Moderna to give the people’s vaccine that we funded back to the world by sharing technology and know-how. And we’ll also turn our focus to helping the public understand more about access to medicines and why it’s important–not only for getting through this pandemic but also for lasting, sustainable change. Join our growing community and campaign to Free the Vaccine for COVID-19!

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