Join a global movement to ensure publicly-funded diagnostic tools, treatment, and the COVID-19 vaccine will be sustainably priced, available to all and free at the point-of-delivery.

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It’s time for a change. One that saves lives and helps the battle against the coronavirus. It comes via Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 and the Open COVID Pledge, two campaigns to make sure these publicly funded medicines are affordable and accessible for all.

Patents prolong pandemics.

Life and health should not be for sale.

Join us in using Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene” to galvanize Vanderbilt University to sign the OpenCOVIDPledge, as well as, international efforts to make universities responsible to the people and not pharmaceutical corporations monopolies!

  • Free the Vaccine News Episode 5
    with your host, Tessa Marshall. Play in new window | Download
  • 10/21: Join Us for a Funk Rally!
    What do you get when you put lab coats with a message, 70’s fashion, and brightly-colored formal attire in a room with activists pushing for a People’s Vaccine? A Funk Rally! […]
  • Meet a Free the Vaccine Participant: Zeph
    One of our participants, Zeph, shared some of their insights on the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign!
  • Atmospheres of the Undead: living with viruses, loneliness, and neoliberalism
    Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 member, Caitlin Berrigan, published an essay called “Atmospheres of the Undead: living with viruses, loneliness, and neoliberalism” in a new journal called MARCH. Setting a price […]
  • Vaccines and Moral Beliefs
    This week within the campaign we’ve been discussing moral frameworks and how people think about vaccines, healthcare, masks, and more in terms of right and wrong. The Center for Artistic Activism […]
  • Vaccine Nationalism: A Deeper Dive
    Examples of both vaccine nationalism and global collaboration have filled the news these past few weeks. Read more here.

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