Join a global movement to ensure publicly-funded diagnostic tools, treatment, and the COVID-19 vaccine will be sustainably priced, available to all and free at the point-of-delivery.

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Infographic explainig the basics of the Free the Vaccine Campagin

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  • MSF Calls for No Patents on COVID-19 Drugs, Tests, or Vaccines
    The international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders, announced on May 27th that they were calling for no patents or profiteering on all COVID-19 medical products. The international […]
  • Week 7: What We’re Reading
    If you’re interested in what the editorial board of the world’s preeminent science journal has to say about ensuring access to the vaccine… Read this editorial in Nature arguing that patent […]
  • Write about Free The Vaccine and the Open COVID Pledge!
    For those who can commit to a more time-intensive action, a New York Times editor is looking for college students to write op-eds about their experiences during the pandemic and their […]
  • Reach out with us!
    Heads of state, former heads of state, and other prominent figures have formally announced their support for The People’s Vaccine, arguing in an open letter that the vaccine should be available […]
  • Week 7: What’s happening in the world of the vaccine?
    No vaccine yet, but Moderna’s CEO has already turned a profit Reports on Moderna’s early vaccine trials have been mixed, but initial positive reports sent the company’s stock soaring. The company’s […]
  • Highlights from Week 7 Mission: What have we learned?
    This week, as we approach the halfway mark of our campaign (more on that next week), we asked our participants to reflect on where they’re at and where they’d like support. […]

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