Take Action

Actions you can take that are coming out of our Salk Labs
  • August is Civic Health Month!
    Better health begins when every citizen has a voice in the public policy decisions that affect their wellbeing. Civic Health Month: a project of Vot-ER Civic Health Month aims to make voting and civic participation accessible to all–particularly those underserved by the healthcare system in … Read more
  • Rally to End the Pandemic Everywhere
    No one is safe until everyone is safe. Join an action to end the pandemic everywhere! July 14 at 10 am ET Dag Hammarskjold Plaza E. 47th Street, NYC Covid-19 continues to rage across the world. We have less than 10% of the vaccines we … Read more
  • Call members of Congress and ask them to support the TRIPS waiver
    The devastation in India could have been avoided had the TRIPS waiver been passed already. We will continue to see destruction and loss of life on a global scale if we do not make it clear to the Biden Administration that they need to support … Read more
  • Free the Vaccine Open Meeting #3!
    Come talk with leaders in our campaign about artistic activism for global vaccine equity, actions and events coming soon, and see how you can support the campaign for global COVID-19 vaccine equity. Register now! (Registration is closed)
  • People’s Vaccine Week(s!) of Action
    April is turning out to be a BIG month for taking action and putting pressure on big pharma and governments (especially rich country governments) in our call for a People’s Vaccine! What’s happening in April? Pharma shareholder meetings and more meetings of the World Trade … Read more
  • Free the Vaccine Open Meeting!
    Join Free the Vaccine’s Open Meeting! Come talk with leaders in our campaign about artistic activism for global vaccine equity, actions and events coming soon, and see how you can support the campaign for global COVID-19 vaccine equity. Everyone is welcome! Register now!  
  • March 10: Global Rally for a People’s Vaccine!
    OUR BEST CHANCE OF ENDING THIS PANDEMIC is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to Covid-19 vaccines. But pharmaceutical monopolies are restricting supply and rich governments have hoarded doses, leaving countries in the global south waiting up to 2023 for widespread vaccination. This will … Read more
  • People’s Vaccine Global Day of Action
    Join the global day of action on March 11! Online Write to your member of CongressIn the US, ask your member of Congress to join a letter from Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL) urging the Biden administration to support a waiver of COVID-19 patent monopolies.Send your … Read more
  • Register Now: Vaccine Allocation and Social Justice
    Register for a virtual event to learn more about vaccine distribution and equity!
  • 10/21: Join Us for a Funk Rally!
    What do you get when you put lab coats with a message, 70’s fashion, and brightly-colored formal attire in a room with activists pushing for a People’s Vaccine? A Funk Rally! Save The Date: October 21st On October 21st, join us and our allies in … Read more
  • Attend a COVID-19 Access Webinar!
    Access a webinar hosted by the Alliance for Health Policy, as well as our Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 podcast, here.
  • Boston Action: Free the Moderna Vaccine
    The Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 Campaign, led by Universities Allied For Essential Medicines and the Center For Artistic Activism, is calling on Moderna Sciences to make the Open Covid Pledge which would commit any relevant intellectual property to be made available globally via open access licenses, and … Read more
  • Take Action: Tell Us What You Love
    If you read this newsletter, we have two things to say. One, we love you! And two, we want to know what you love. Has a particular Free The Vaccine action inspired you? Do you wake up every Friday excited for the Special Bonus Content … Read more
  • Take Action: Speak Out at the University of California Regents Meeting
    SIGN UP BY JULY 27th to help us take over the UC Regents Meeting and free the vaccine!
  • How To: Make a Monument Mask
    Remember this stunning action that the Ligers put together? Turns out it’s pretty easy for you to do on your own, and we hope you will! To make the process as simple as possible, the Liger Lab has made this great how-to video for you: … Read more
  • Take Action: Ask Your Friends to Support the Open COVID Pledge
    We’re currently at 729 signatures. Help us get to a thousand!
  • Carnival March for a People’s Vaccine!
    Join Us in London! Monday 27th 12-3 Universities receive billions in public funding for their research on Covid-19 vaccines, diagnostics, tracking tools and treatments. We’re asking them to sign the Open Covid Pledge, to stop drug companies profiteering with publicly funded research.   Join our … Read more
  • Take Action: Play Bingo With Us On Instagram Stories!
    This Friday, July 17th, join a social media push led by the Bear Squad.
  • Take Action: Lip-Sync to Our Cover of “Jolene” and Share Our Viral Video!
    Several weeks ago, our participants decided to make a Free The Vaccine video inspired by “Jolene” after learning that Vanderbilt University had received $10 million from the US government for COVID-19 vaccine research, in addition to $1 million from country singer Dolly Parton. Today, we … Read more
  • Take Action: Help Us Tweet!
    Got three minutes to help our team? One of our Seal squads, based in Europe, had the idea to create a “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Scientists” book to celebrate COVID-19 researchers and advocate for the Open COVID Pledge at the same time! They’ve completed a … Read more
  • Take Action: Sign on individually to the Open COVID Pledge!
    As we work to get institutions to sign onto the Open Covid Pledge, many have expressed the wish that they could add their own names in a gesture of public support, showing their institutions that they care and want to see action for a free … Read more
  • EVENT 6/26: Free The Vaccine at Global Change Days
    We will be hosting a session on Free The Vaccine this Friday at 2 pm EST, at the online Global Change Days conference! You can get tickets for the whole conference on the website, and we hope to see you there.
  • How-To: An Audio Card Toolkit for Freeing the Vaccine
    In past newsletter installments, we’ve talked about the creative idea one of our Seal squads had to send audio cards to targets instead of emails. An email is easy to delete. A beautiful audio card that literally speaks to you? Not so much. The Seal … Read more
  • Sign a petition for the UK government to make the vaccine affordable!
    Looking for an action that takes less than a minute? Sign this petition by Global Justice Now calling on the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Secretary of State for International Development! The petition asks for conditions to be attached … Read more
  • Write about Free The Vaccine and the Open COVID Pledge!
    For those who can commit to a more time-intensive action, a New York Times editor is looking for college students to write op-eds about their experiences during the pandemic and their thoughts on schools reopening. This could be a great opportunity for a college student … Read more
  • Reach out with us!
    Heads of state, former heads of state, and other prominent figures have formally announced their support for The People’s Vaccine, arguing in an open letter that the vaccine should be available to all, in all countries, free of charge. We’ve compiled the full list of … Read more
  • Run With Us!
    Want a simple way to join one of our creative actions? Our activists have been adding another element to their social distancing runs. Check it out below: Next time you go for a run (or a walk, or a bike ride) to get some fresh … Read more
  • Plant Something With Us!
    Want a simple way to join one of our creative actions? It’s easy–just plant something, or find a plant you can use. Then follow the steps in the infographic below to dedicate the plant to a researcher working on COVID-19! If you’re having trouble thinking … Read more
  • Take Action: Sign the Open COVID Pledge
    Not a member of our Global Advocacy Innovation Labs? We still need your help! Here are some things you can do: Located In the U.S.? Sign this Petition Demanding Access. Our U.S. Petition demands that government officials make vaccines and diagnostic tools for COVID19 developed … Read more
  • Take Action: Sign the Open COVID Pledge
    This week the Salk Labs are seeking out people, universities, institutions, and non-profits to sign the Open COVID Pledge. Immediate action is required to halt the COVID-19 Pandemic and treat those it has affected. It is a practical and moral imperative that every tool we … Read more

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