Take Action

Actions you can take that are coming out of our Salk Labs
  • Take Action: Help Us Tweet!
    Got three minutes to help our team? One of our Seal squads, based in Europe, had the idea to create a “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Scientists” book to celebrate COVID-19 researchers and advocate for the Open COVID Pledge at the same time! They’ve completed a […]
  • Take Action: Sign on individually to the Open COVID Pledge!
    As we work to get institutions to sign onto the Open Covid Pledge, many have expressed the wish that they could add their own names in a gesture of public support, showing their institutions that they care and want to see action for a free […]
  • EVENT 6/26: Free The Vaccine at Global Change Days
    We will be hosting a session on Free The Vaccine this Friday at 2 pm EST, at the online Global Change Days conference! You can get tickets for the whole conference on the website, and we hope to see you there.
  • How-To: An Audio Card Toolkit for Freeing the Vaccine
    In past newsletter installments, we’ve talked about the creative idea one of our Seal squads had to send audio cards to targets instead of emails. An email is easy to delete. A beautiful audio card that literally speaks to you? Not so much. The Seal […]
  • Sign a petition for the UK government to make the vaccine affordable!
    Looking for an action that takes less than a minute? Sign this petition by Global Justice Now calling on the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Secretary of State for International Development! The petition asks for conditions to be attached […]
  • Write about Free The Vaccine and the Open COVID Pledge!
    For those who can commit to a more time-intensive action, a New York Times editor is looking for college students to write op-eds about their experiences during the pandemic and their thoughts on schools reopening. This could be a great opportunity for a college student […]
  • Reach out with us!
    Heads of state, former heads of state, and other prominent figures have formally announced their support for The People’s Vaccine, arguing in an open letter that the vaccine should be available to all, in all countries, free of charge. We’ve compiled the full list of […]
  • Run With Us!
    Want a simple way to join one of our creative actions? Our activists have been adding another element to their social distancing runs. Check it out below: Next time you go for a run (or a walk, or a bike ride) to get some fresh […]
  • Plant Something With Us!
    Want a simple way to join one of our creative actions? It’s easy–just plant something, or find a plant you can use. Then follow the steps in the infographic below to dedicate the plant to a researcher working on COVID-19! If you’re having trouble thinking […]
  • Take Action: Sign the Open COVID Pledge
    Not a member of our Global Advocacy Innovation Labs? We still need your help! Here are some things you can do: Located In the U.S.? Sign this Petition Demanding Access. Our U.S. Petition demands that government officials make vaccines and diagnostic tools for COVID19 developed […]
  • Take Action: Sign the Open COVID Pledge
    This week the Salk Labs are seeking out people, universities, institutions, and non-profits to sign the Open COVID Pledge. Please help get the word out. Tell friends about the Open COVID Pledge, send emails, post on social media, write letters to the editor, or come […]