Join forces with others to make something that’s better than you could make alone. It could take the form of a deep collaboration, where you and your partners set goals together and share the decision-making power throughout the project. Or it might be more limited, with people teaming up briefly to share skills.

Here are just a few of the FTV projects that have involved collaboration:

Good collaborative practices are key to any group effort. For Free the Vaccine, it’s especially important. We are grandmothers, students, artists, and activists all working together online from home.

Here’s how Avram Finkelstein, a founding member of the SILENCE=DEATH and Gran Fury collectives, encouraged Free the Vaccine participants to think about collaboration:

Apply it:

  • Work with someone who has a very different skill set or perspective than you do.
  • Brainstorm with other people: see where the ideas lead organically and make a mess together.
  • Draft something and ask a partner to edit your work.
  • Break up a big project into smaller pieces. Have different people take the lead on each part.
  • Remind yourself and anyone you’re working with that experimentation is key. Integrate reflection into the process so you’re learning together.