Get Personal

It can be easier to connect with your audience when you make a personal appeal.

A personal message stands out more than a generic one. It helps your audience see their role in bringing about the change you seek. Learn as much as you can about who you’re trying to reach, and tailor your work to them. Let their preferences, not yours, guide your choices.

That doesn’t have to mean erasing yourself from the work. Adding your personal touch can also humanize the message. It helps your audience see you as a person, too. That may make them more likely to hear you out.

Here are just a few of the FTV projects that have added a personal touch:

Here’s how Free the Vaccine participants Sofia and Alessandra took a personal approach when they designed a singing card for one of their targets:

Apply it:

  • Show your audience that you’re familiar with their story. If they love gardening, dedicate a plant in their honor.
  • Tell someone why you’re reaching out to them, specifically.
  • Share your message with something bespoke: a handmade gift just for them.
  • Send a handwritten note instead of an email.