Week 7: What We’re Reading

If you’re interested in what the editorial board of the world’s preeminent science journal has to say about ensuring access to the vaccine…

Read this editorial in Nature arguing that patent pooling is critical to ensuring health justice, and that accepting the conventional profit-driven model during a pandemic is unconscionable.

If you’re looking for an explanation of the ongoing issues around pricing for Gilead’s publicly-funded antiviral drug remdesivir…

Read this piece in the Washington Post, with input from access to medicines advocates and a history of Gilead’s pattern of profiting off of publicly-funded medicines.

If you’re interested in learning what cybersecurity policy has to do with access to a vaccine…

Read this thought-provoking post on the Lawfare blog, which discusses recent public service announcement by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, explains why the terms it frames coronavirus research in are harmful, and argues that a more collaborative approach to science is necessary right now.

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