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Take Action: Lip-Sync to Our Cover of “Jolene” and Share Our Viral Video!

Several weeks ago, our participants decided to make a Free The Vaccine video inspired by “Jolene” after learning that Vanderbilt University had received $10 million from the US government for COVID-19 vaccine research, in addition to $1 million from country singer Dolly Parton. Today, we launched our initial music video, and at the time I write this, our video has been viewed over 238,000 times (and counting).

Now we’re asking you to join us, following the instructions here to make your own video lip-syncing to our “Jolene” parody so you can be included in a future video! We’re also asking you to share the video far and wide (you can find the YouTube link here), and tag Vanderbilt in any social media posts you make about it. Let’s make art together that lifts our spirits and builds power at the same time. We’ll keep you updated as this exciting campaign continues to develop!

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