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Meet Elin

As the first phase of our campaign nears its end, we’d like to introduce you to Elin Chee, a recent graduate of UC Berkeley and a member of our Fox Lab!

Meet Elin

Elin Chee, Data Scientist and Health Activist

A data scientist, artist, and activist who hopes to go into the medical field, Elin has worked on everything from designing postcards to researching the University of Pittsburgh tech transfer office over the course of the campaign. She’s proven to be an incredible force when it comes to organizing her teammates, helping to recap meetings and track action items. Here’s how she describes her experience with the first phase of Free The Vaccine…

What’s your most unique skill that’s come in handy during this campaign?

General creativity and design skills! I worked with some designers to make postcards that were sent to University of Pittsburgh researchers and administration. It was a lot of fun to work side by side with other designers to create impactful imagery and meaningful symbols on our postcards that would hopefully get these researchers and administration to engage in our message, and want to have conversations with us.

What’s the most useful lesson you’ve learned from your work so far?

The importance of having fun and keeping it light! Every week, I work with my team, and it’s so much fun to just reinvigorate ourselves, tell jokes, celebrate our small victories. And I think it helps us have the energy to go forward on this larger goal, because it can be so easy to be discouraged otherwise.

What’s the coolest idea you’ve gotten or skill you’ve learned from another participant?

The coolest idea I’ve learned from my entire team is how many diverse backgrounds there are [in the campaign] and how many walks of life people come from. It is very cool to meet weekly over Zoom with people from many different states, from very different disciplines, who have worked multiple jobs and study different things in school, but we all have this overarching passion. I think that’s been really cool, to see how everyone can end up here, from many different places.

We’re so grateful for Elin’s contributions to the campaign and her wonderful insights! Stay tuned to meet even more of our participants (and hear more of their lessons learned) over the next phase of the campaign.

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