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Aly Bancroft: Pharma’s Billions Sprang from the Taxpayer Dime

Image Credit: Dado Ruvic/Reuters/Washington Post

Megan McArdle was correct that the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the drug development system is working. What she didn’t mention is that the system is working as it was designed: to maximize monopoly profits for the pharmaceutical industry.”

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) board member and Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 participant Aly Bancroft submitted a Letter to the Editor that was featured in the Washington Post! Aly is also the campaign coordinator at Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program. Read the full letter here.

One reply on “Aly Bancroft: Pharma’s Billions Sprang from the Taxpayer Dime”

Good rebuttal to Lawrence Jones III, on The Five, on Fox. He ranted yesterday about the triumph of private enterprise in discovering covid vaccines. With no government involvement! He and his Fox colleagues raved about Trump and his Get-Government-Out-of-Our-Way Warp Speed victory.

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