FTV Exhibit at the University of Maine

The Free The Vaccine Exhibit – Creativity vs. COVID : Ending The Pandemic for Good – is now being hosted by its first in-person venue at the University of Maine. The intermedia program began hosting the virtual exhibit in February, which built community interest in advance of the March 1 opening of the physical exhibition. “The Intermedia program at the University of Maine is honored to be the first host institution for this exhibition; as we watch the rollout of the vaccine proceed and recognize how vital it is to ourselves and communities across the globe.”  said Dr. Susan Smith, Director of Intermedia MFA Program at the University of Maine.

Creativity vs. COVID is currently set up in the exhibit space, where they have video pieces from the exhibit projected on the wall, in addition to the physical pieces displayed. They also have plans for an outdoor projection of a piece of the exhibit to happen later this month.

The exhibit has also elicited exciting engagement from the community at the University of Maine, who have added three new projects to the exhibit to date. These projects will join the exhibit, and travel with it to it’s next host venue. We are very excited to see the exhibit come to life physically for the very first time, and eagerly anticipate the future host venues of Creativity vs. COVID.

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