Rally for a People’s Vaccine at AstraZeneca

Global Justice Now is organizing protests outside of AstraZeneca’s Annual General Meeting (head office) in Cambridge and at the company’s second largest UK site in Macclesfield on Tuesday 11 May.

These protests are a continuation of the People’s Vaccine Week(s!) of action to target pharmaceutical corporations shareholder meetings over April and May to put pressure on them to join C-TAP.

If you are in the UK, please join in Macclesfield, in Cambridge, or in Oxford!

There will be food, music, speakers and open-air workshops as we demand a People’s Vaccine for all countries – not just the richest ones. Both protests will be COVID-safe and be staffed with legal observers.

Global Justice Now also did an insider action on March 30 at AstraZeneca’s online live shareholder question and answer session with an AZ vaccine volunteer who asked the company to join C-TAP. The insider action is covered here.

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