Offer Fame Over Shame

It’s common for activists to “name and shame” – to call out someone in power and explain why they’re wrong. Sometimes that’s necessary, but too often it simply shuts down the conversation. Instead of focusing on the negative, get positive! Show someone how they’ll be celebrated for doing what’s right. Help your audience see that you’re holding them to a high standard because you know they can meet that high standard. Shift the norm and build allies by making an example out of the people who are doing good work.

Here are just a few of the FTV projects that have offered fame over of shame:

Apply it:

  • Want someone to meet with you? Give them an award that’s so appealing they can’t resist accepting it.
  • Reframe your goal: what if it’s not about stopping something bad but starting something good?
  • If you want to change someone’s behavior, invite them to be a leader.