Barrel of Vaccines Game Prototype



The hopeful objective would be to show how just one university (or person at a university) cannot do this alone. It takes everyone to work together to solve a global problem. By sending this to the university they can see this in a fun and engaging way that will hopefully start a conversation about signing on to the Open Covid Pledge.

The Project:

A game similar to A Barrel of Monkeys.
The game pieces are the logos of different universities that alone will not reach to free the vaccine from the ‘barrel’.


Make one.

Workshop it with friends and revise!

What worked?

I think a surprising element of this is the nostalgia of the game for some people, and hopefully just bring a smile to their face and know this is a serious issue but it can be discussed with an open mind.

Reflections from Stacy Early

What would be your next steps, building on this idea, if you had a million dollars and all the time and skills in the world?

Creating this and sending to all the universities/people we have talked to so they are all ‘linked’ together would be amazing. Sharing on social media and tagging the universities to play virtually and encouraging others to sign on as them being the missing link to freeing the vaccine.

About this project
  • Stacy Early

May, 2020


United States, Memphis


Creative Commons BY-NC