Global Solution



To call attention to a problem this large cannot be solved in a vacuum or by one university alone.

The Project:

Twitter graphic, or could be a sticker for a call for a global solution to the pandemic.


Print it and post it.

Share it on social media. #FreeTheVaccine #PeoplesVaccine

What worked?

Ideally the image would lead people to go to the website and find out more and sign the Open Covid Pledge.

    Original files can be provided for exhibition

Reflections from Stacy Early

What skills or perspectives did the collaborators bring to this?

Because I am not a writer it was great to work with others who could come up with a pithy message and then I could play with it for different uses. There is a poster that contains this message with a longer explanation so this, a twitter graphic, and the poster can be used simoultaneously for greater impact.

About this project
  • Stacy Early
  • The Dog Owl Squad
  • Laura Holzman

July, 2020

Image/graphic, Online/web thing, Print

United States, Memphis

Twitter size

Creative Commons BY-NC