UCLA Rally

Los Angeles


We wanted people at UCLA and in the surrounding communities to sign onto the Open COVID Pledge.

The Project:

This was a rally we had for May Day at UCLA. We all held up posters to reach out to passerbyers to sign onto the Open COVID Pledge.


Organize one in your community.

Make it even more participatory.

What worked?

We successfully signed on many individuals of the UCLA community onto the OCP!

    Original files can be provided for exhibition
  • The work can be reproduced on site with instructions (provided)

Reflections from Naneeta Desar

About this project
  • Naneeta
  • Avani
  • Mominah
  • Akshitha
  • Johanna
  • Jaya
  • Ellery
  • Isabella
  • Remy
  • Leena

May, 2021


United States, Los Angeles

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