Why Should CureVac Sign the Open COVID Pledge? An Infographic



Getting CureVac to sign the Open COVID Pledge.

The Project:

I sent the infographic to CureVac, a German biotechnology company that works on a COVID-19 vaccine. I additionally sent it to Dietmar Hopp, their main investor. The infographic gives 5 reasons why CureVac should sign the Open COVID Pledge.
Since Dietmar Hopp loves soccer (he is a big supporter of a German soccer team), I added that at the end, basically saying that signing the Open COVID Pledge would get him closer to “normal life” and watching/playing soccer again.
Dietmar Hopp has his own foundation and seems to be quite active with philanthropic actions. After the take over allegations of CureVac by the US he also mentioned that they aim for a fair access to their potential vaccine, which rendered CureVac and Dietmar Hopp as a potential target.


Make a version for your target.

What worked?

The graphical presentation of the subject hopefully makes it easier to grasp the problem and is also visually appealing.

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Reflections from Katharina Wolfenstetter

About this project
  • Katharina Wolfenstetter

April, 2020


Germany, Berlin

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