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Run With Us!

Want a simple way to join one of our creative actions? Our activists have been adding another element to their social distancing runs. Check it out below:

Next time you go for a run (or a walk, or a bike ride) to get some fresh air and exercise while in isolation, take a piece of chalk with you! When you need a break, find a place where others are likely to pass by, and share a message. Here’s some possibilities:

What good is a vaccine
when you can’t afford it?

Our taxes paid for it already

No one should poor because they are sick
or sick because they are poor.

It takes one minute, and it helps get the word out.

Don’t forget to snap a picture and tag @uaem_meds4people on Instagram, or @uaem on Twitter! And of course, use the hashtag #FreeTheVaccine.

3 replies on “Run With Us!”

I love this easy action! I’ll try it even though I live in a rural area where there aren’t lots of people walking – maybe by the mail boxes will be the busiest location.
Thanks for including some possible messages.

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