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Free The Vaccine on the UnfairNation Podcast

Merith Basey, one of our leaders here at Free The Vaccine and Executive Director at UAEM North America, recently went on the UnfairNation podcast to talk about why medicines are so expensive and why we need to free the vaccine. Check out the interview here!

One reply on “Free The Vaccine on the UnfairNation Podcast”

I am an avid supporter of UAEM of North America and can’t say enough about the 24/7 most effective efforts of Merith Basey. I am a firm believer that healthcare should not be for profit, including drugs and vaccines. A vaccine as critical as one (two or three) that will be developed for coved-19 should be free to all if only for the safety of all. I applaud all your efforts and those of UAEM.

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