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Take Action: Help Us Tweet!

Got three minutes to help our team?

One of our Seal squads, based in Europe, had the idea to create a “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Scientists” book to celebrate COVID-19 researchers and advocate for the Open COVID Pledge at the same time! They’ve completed a beautiful portrait and profile for a scientist named Hanneke Schuitemaker, and now they need your help getting her attention.

With just a few minutes of your time, you can help our team. Here’s a sample tweet to get you started:

@SchuitemakerH We’re writing a profile of you to enter in the book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Scientists because of your work to make a COVID vaccine. But we need your help to finish the story! Please DM @fullyfiona to start a convo on how we can work together to #FreeTheVaccine

Want to make your tweet stand out even more? Add some images from the upcoming book!

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