A call for a Peoples Vaccine

Photo credit: Timoteo Murphy

Kymone Freeman of WeActRadio addresses the crowd at the Funk Rally outside Health and Human Services in Washington, DC on October 21st (Photo Credit: Nicolas Moreland)

Kymone Freeman from WeActRadio shared the need for a Peoples Vaccine at the DC Day of Reflection produced by DC Jazz Fest in remembrance of the lives lost to COVID-19 so far in the pandemic. Kymone’s call to action for a “Peoples Vaccine” is one shared by the Peoples Vaccine Alliance (our campaign is a lead member) in which we call for vaccines that are safe, effective, available to all and free for all those who choose to take them, wherever they are in the world. As numbers of deaths from COVID-19 rise in the USA and all over the world, this growing global cry, supported by Nobel Laureates and many former world leaders, is needed now more than ever if we are to curb the pandemic as quickly as possible.

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