KICK OFF for Season 4 of Free the Vaccine for COVID-19!

We’re about to launch our 4th cohort of volunteers with a plan to keep pressure on Moderna to share our public-funded COVID-19 vaccine technology and know-how with the world. We’ll be trying and testing new tactics and we hope you’ll amplify our messages and voices along the way. Today less than 5% of the African continent has access to a life-saving vaccine for their most vulnerable while high income countries are preparing to give booster shots and doses to children and adolescents. Help us prevent vaccine apartheid and free the vaccine.


REQUIRED VIEWING: How to Vaccinate the World!

ALL STAR PANEL speaking truth to power and which heats up fast! UAEM co-founder Amy Kapczynski from Yale Law School is the moderator, Fatima Hassan, South African human rights lawyer and co-founder of Health Justice Initiative, Zain Rizvi of Public Citizen, James Krellenstein of Prep4All and Dr David Kessler from the White House on global vaccine access.

‘Here’s how to watch “TRULY an intense panel” (Politico) that was “fairly remarkable” (The Hill), “intense” (Axios) and getting “tenser and tenser” (STAT), with advocates pressing David Kessler from the White House on global vaccine access.’

It was co-sponsored by the Global Health Justice Project (GHJP) and the Law and Political Economy Project.


Urgent Letter to President Biden

Dear President Biden,

We are writing to you ahead of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to urge that you take on a global leadership role and fulfill your promise of addressing COVID-19 around the world. We understand that during the UNGA, you will be hosting a global vaccine summit with participation of other world leaders where you will be announcing an admirable target of 70% of the world’s population to be vaccinated within the next year.

Reaching this goal, however, will be impossible unless you and other world leaders take action to ensure equitable vaccine distribution.

While it is commendable that your administration has procured and distributed COVID-19 vaccines to other countries in need, we cannot “donate” our way to safety. The massive global shortage of highly effective vaccines can only be addressed by increasing production. As of this week, just over 3% of people in low-income countries, many of whom are also facing devastating surges from deadly variants, have received any dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

COVAX, the global program intended to secure and distribute doses for low- and middle-income countries is failing. Recently, COVAX cut its forecast for doses available in 2021 by a quarter, driven in large part by wealthier nations stockpiling excess doses in lieu of providing these
vaccines and funds to this global program. As your administration considers distributing third booster doses to a broader population of Americans, it must not ignore the equity considerations of such a policy in further delaying vaccine access to people in the Global South, many of whom have yet to receive even a single dose. Moreover, such an approach may also only further fuel the emergence of even more virulent variants, which thrive in unvaccinated populations.

To truly make America the world’s “arsenal” of global vaccine access, we ask that you immediately deliver on the following policies:

  • launch an ambitious global vaccine manufacturing program with other countries to help produce billions more highly effective doses within one year and support a dedicated financing line item in the Build Back Better Act committing billions of dollars to this effort;
  • use your full authorities to require the few firms with monopolies over effective vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics to transfer technology and production know-how to manufacturers in the Global South;
  • set an example for other countries by reallocating excess doses available to countries in the Global South via COVAX or regional procurement mechanisms; and
  • work with allied countries on a final text to speedily enact a temporary, emergency waiver of certain World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) rules that create barriers to widespread production of COVID-19 health technologies including vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments

Attached are further details of why these four steps are critically important towards realizing the goal of vaccinating 70% of the world’s population within the next year. We also outline the tremendous capability you have to carry forward these policies to end this pandemic. Your leadership on these above steps is urgently needed to move the world closer to a future where the pandemic truly ends for everyone, everywhere. At the UNGA, we hope that you will not just
offer more promises for these urgently needed policy measures, but that you will take on a global leadership role in implementing them.

Short of such action, the pandemic will continue its devastation, driven by a lack of political will to truly engage in a global, collective effort to protect everyone, everywhere.


  • Action Corps 
  • Africa Faith and Justice Network 
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation 
  • Alianza Americas 
  • American Federation of Teachers Connecticut
  • American Jewish World Service 
  • American Medical Student Association 
  • Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network
  • Bangladesh Krishok Federation 
  • CASA 
  • Center for Popular Democracy
  • Congregation of Our Lady of Charityof the Good Shepherd, U.S. Provinces 
  • Doctors For America Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) North America 
  • Faith for Safe Water Fondation
  • Eboko Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research 
  • Free the Vaccine for COVID-19
  • Global Health Partners 
  • Health GAP (Global Access Project) 
  • Hope for Future Generations
  • Human Rights Watch 
  • IFARMA Foundation 
  • I-MAK 
  • Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility 
  • Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns 
  • Médecins Sans Frontières USA 
  • Metro New York Health Care for All 
  • National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
  • National Nurses United
  • Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice
  • New York Doctors Coalition
  • New York Trade Justice Coalition
  • Oxfam America
  • Plateforme de la Diaspora Tchadienne en America
  • Progressive Doctors
  • Public Citizen
  • Rise and Resist
  • Salud y Farmacos
  • Service Employees International Union
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice NYC
  • Social Security Works
  • Society for International Development
  • Sojourners
  • Sukaar Welfare Organization
  • The Episcopal Church
  • The United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
  • Third World Network
  • Treatment Action Group
  • Unity Fellowship of Christ Church NYC
  • Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
  • Washington Office on Latin America
  • World Renew

For further details download this attachment below:



The Open COVID Pledge at One Year: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Please join the Program on Information, Justice and IP at American University for a one year retrospective of the Open COVID Pledge.  We will examine the origins of the pledge and the reasons for pledgors to take the pledge, the potential of pledges to serve the public interest and future opportunities for pledges to promote innovation that serves the greater good. Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 will be present and particupating!

April 28, 2021 | 12:00pm-3:00pm EDT  | 4pm-7pm UTC
Registration (Required)


DC Rally for a People’s Vaccine ! ¡Rally por una vacuna del pueblo (Cinco de Mayo)!

We know governments can do much more to end the global pandemic, including sharing vaccine recipes and helping the world make billions more doses.   

Join us May 5th in Washington, DC for a Rally for a People’s Vaccine and to call on the Biden administration to ensure urgent access to safe and effective COVID-19 treatments and vaccines for everyone, everywhere.  

Where: 4th and Madison SW, National Mall, Washington, D.C

When: May 5th, 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Millions in the Global South will not get COVID-19 vaccines until 2024. The Biden administration has an opportunity to make vaccines available by supporting the TRIPS Waiver at the World Trade Organization, as proposed by India and South Africa. Furthermore, the U.S. can and should invest money in scaling up global vaccine manufacturing. Join the call to #FreeTheVaccine!

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¡Rally de DC por una vacuna del pueblo!

Sabemos que los gobiernos pueden hacer mucho más para poner fin a la pandemia mundial, incluso compartir recetas de vacunas y ayudar al mundo a producir miles de millones de dosis más.

Únase a nosotros este 5 de mayo en Washington, DC para una manifestación por una vacuna popular y para pedir a la administración de Biden que garantice el acceso urgente a tratamientos y vacunas COVID-19 seguros y efectivos para todos, en todas partes.

¿Le gustaría recibir el boletín informativo Libera la vacuna para COVID-19?


Jonas Salk the remix!

Could you patent the sun? Check out this track by Free the Vaccine supporter Deonte Keitt aka DJ Chalant created for our campaign. Follow Deonte on instagram: DJChalant and Patreon:

Free mp3 download

This song is released into the Public Domain – no rights reserved.


We already paid for these vaccines once

Don’t miss this fantastic article co-authored by Free the Vaccine supporter and advocate Dr Reshma Ramachandran today in The Nation. Reshma will also be joining us at 12:30pm for our info session this afternoon, January 27th. Sign up on the home page of Free the Vaccine!


Join FTV on Community Thru Covid

Join Tayyiaba, Maanasa, Rachel and Merith tomorrow Wednesday January 27th LIVE at 11am via WeActRadio for a show called Community Thru Covid! We’ll be discussing the progress of Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 and what’s coming next! This show will be recorded so be sure to check it out and share on social media!


A call for a Peoples Vaccine

Kymone Freeman of WeActRadio addresses the crowd at the Funk Rally outside Health and Human Services in Washington, DC on October 21st (Photo Credit: Nicolas Moreland)

Kymone Freeman from WeActRadio shared the need for a Peoples Vaccine at the DC Day of Reflection produced by DC Jazz Fest in remembrance of the lives lost to COVID-19 so far in the pandemic. Kymone’s call to action for a “Peoples Vaccine” is one shared by the Peoples Vaccine Alliance (our campaign is a lead member) in which we call for vaccines that are safe, effective, available to all and free for all those who choose to take them, wherever they are in the world. As numbers of deaths from COVID-19 rise in the USA and all over the world, this growing global cry, supported by Nobel Laureates and many former world leaders, is needed now more than ever if we are to curb the pandemic as quickly as possible.

In the Media

Free the Vaccine lead highlights for NBC how racial disparities create barriers to access for the COVID-19 vaccine

“Without considering racial equity, we deepen the cracks that systemic racism has already created in our health care system,” said Sernah Essien.