Big Heart



The objective was to appeal to the University of Queensland to sign the Open Covid Pledge.

The Project:

Big heart was a stop motion animation made to represent the information that 13% of the world’s population has already pre-purchased over half of the world’s supply of promised covid vaccines and also that as public funding goes into research of the vaccine, we as citizens have a right to have a voice. This information was packaged up to appeal to The University of Queensland who we were targeting in our objectives.


Share it on social media. #FreeTheVaccine #PeoplesVaccine

Make it specific to your community.

What worked?

I think the work found a playful way to represent the ‘of the moment’ statistical information. It attempted to appeal to the sense of ‘doing the moral/right thing’ for the University.

Other Notes:

This work was an extension of an idea from season one. In season one Tessa and Greg created a giant syringe playing on the idea of Australia’s love of big things.

    Original files can be provided for exhibition

Reflections from zan griffith

What was the process/journey of creating this work?

This work was playing on the idea of Australia’s love of big tourist icons. In season one a big syringe was built with this in mind. Stop motion was a useful way to reach an audience when you are in lockdown in Melbourne.

What skills or perspectives did the collaborators bring to this?

Tessa creates a podcast each week where she highlights the most relevant and up to date covid vaccine information. This was where i learnt the statistic i represented. Greg had compiled information that related to the Australian situation which highlighted that over $4 billion was used for covid vaccine development. I had done a few stop motions before and love to tell a story in short grabs.

What were some of the responses to this work?

It was posted on instagram and a few comments suggested that it was useful information. We never heard back from the University of Queensland who we sent emails to with the animation.

What would be your next steps, building on this idea, if you had a million dollars and all the time and skills in the world?

I love the idea of having a stop motion takeover day on social websites where all the participants of free the vaccine have a go at a stop motion with a free the vaccine message and we flood socials. i imagine some of the most successful stop motions would come from those who had never done one before.

If someone else were going to make/use/do something like this, what advice would you give them?

Have fun with it and treat it like an experiment.

About this project
  • Tessa Marshall
  • Greg Giannis
  • zan griffith

October, 2020


Australia, Melbourne

one minute

Public Domain

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