Bracelet free the vaccine / Manillas al estilo “Free the Vaccine”



The bracelet was used as a tactic to reach our targets when we interviewed them, especially in Colombia

The Project:

The bracelet was made by using thread, bead necklace and a needle with the loom technique. It reads the “Free the vaccine” legend with its institutional colours. Many members of the team have made them to reach the targets as a tactic .


Make one!

What worked?

It was an initiative that motivated some members of our blue-feet group to acquire new skills and to implement this initiative as a creative strategy to get closer to the targets through art.

Other Notes:

Taking into account the identity created through the FTV colours and logo, we have reinforced it by creating a sense of belonging in the making of this bracelet. Moreover, this initiative can be replicated and done it by any member of this campaign. Feel free to imitate this tactic! (SPOILER ALERT: You will be training your patience, and your craftivism :P)

The design or layout of the bracelet was elaborated by Nelly Esperanza Agreda. Also, she taught the technique “beaded loom bracelet” to two blue feet members in order to start working on the bracelets needed to reach the targets.

    An original object can be provided for exhibition
  • The work can be reproduced on site with instructions (provided)

Reflections from Jeimmy Katherine Ramírez Bermúdez

What was the process/journey of creating this work?

I wanted to learn how to create this type of bracelet since I was young, and the campaign gave me the opportunity to consider this idea and make it true. I think that the most beautiful part was the process of making the bracelet: getting the materials, being taught how to create it by a teammate and then, getting down to work. During the process, I felt like “a child with a new toy” in Christmas, I love doing these kinds of activities. I really felt a sense of fulfillment having learned something new that I could use in any field of my life.

What would be your next steps, building on this idea, if you had a million dollars and all the time and skills in the world?

I would like to set up a workshop/ Factory to create different products made by using bead necklace that would be related to the campaign. Bracelets, pendants, earrings with the bird shape, etc.… so many people around the world could get handcrafted objects of the campaign, especially all the members of FTV from all the seasons and every target that labs would try to reach out, among others.

About this project
  • Jeimmy Katherine Ramírez Bermúdez
  • Nelly Esperanza Agreda
  • Laboratorio Blue-Feet Segunda temporada Free the Vaccine

November, 2020


Colombia, Bogota

25×3 cmx 0,5 cm

Creative Commons BY-NC