Vaccine of Liberty



The objective of this image was to pressure Dr. Cheryl Healton, the Dean of NYU’s School of Global Public Health, to sign the Open Covid Pledge.

The Project:

This is the “Vaccine of Liberty” that is currently locked due to the lack of accessibility, both nationally and globally. The vaccine of liberty symbolizes the ideals of equity, which is restricted by corporate healthcare services and big pharmaceuticals companies centered around garnering profits.


Print it and stick it.

Make it specific to your target.

What worked?

This project lead to greater insight into shaping tactics to reach our target. At the end of the process, we had a cute sticker to share with others!

Reflections from Shivesh Shourya

About this project
  • Shivesh Shourya
  • Eshita Garg
  • Mahayana Landowne
  • Carly Besser
  • Rachel Gita Karp

November, 2020


United States, Newark

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