Jonas Salk Fan Club Parade Banner



To popularize the story of Jonas Salk’s sharing his vaccine without a patent and show that another way is possible.

The Project:

This banner was designed for the May 5, 2021 event in Washington D.C. It’s meant to work like the banner that would be used for a group marching in a parade. You can download versions for various regions we have Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 participants. Or modify one to make your own.


Print it.

Join the Jonas Salk Fan Club and make one for your local chapter.

What worked?

It should be a magnet for photographers – hopefully!

Other Notes:

The design is based off the Jonas Salk sticker I made just for fun, kind of on a whim. That’s how it starts sometimes.

    Original files can be provided for exhibition
  • The work can be reproduced on site with instructions (provided)


Reflections from Steve Lambert

If someone else were going to make/use/do something like this, what advice would you give them?

Have this printed at a local copy shop/office supply store. You can get it printed on plain paper for pretty cheap. It won’t look *great* but it will look good enough.

Of course, you can also print it on something heavier for a higher cost. And you should if you can!

A lot of these parade banners have yellow fringe at the bottom (do an image search for “parade banner”). That’s, of course, optional but would be a nice touch.