Protect everyone we can for everyone we couldn’t



Find a visually compelling way to share a powerful message that other Free the Vaccine participants wrote. The text was initially drafted to motivate Columbia University to sign the Open Covid Pledge but we realized that it could also help a broader audience recognize the importance of making Covid tests, treatments, and vaccines as widely accessible as possible.

The Project:

Printmakers working with the Center for Artistic Activism designed this poster based on text that other Free the Vaccine members wrote in summer 2020.


Print it and post it.

Design it differently.

Share it on social media. #FreeTheVaccine #PeoplesVaccine

What worked?

Building on someone else’s ideas instead of starting from scratch – it’s a great example of Free the Vaccine’s iterative process.

Other Notes:

There are four variations in this series of Risograph prints. Each version was printed in an edition of 50 at Eureka! House in Kingston, NY. They were created to travel with the physical version of this exhibit.

    An original object can be provided for exhibition

Reflections from Free the Vaccine for Covid-19

About this project
  • Willa Goettling
  • Mary Tremonte

November, 2020


United States, Poughkeepsie

11 x 17 inches

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA