Who doesn’t deserve a vaccine?

Grand Rapids


The objective of this image was just to create a poster that could be used to gain support for the Free the Vaccine campaign.

The Project:

This image is a rectangular poster that has several colorful people in three lines across its length. The people are a very diverse group and depict multiple genders, ethnicities, races, ages, sizes, abilities, religion, and more. In the middle of the people is a blue box with the words “Who Doesn’t Deserve a Vaccine?” in large print. In smaller print is “Let’s give everyone equal access to a life saving COVID-19 vaccine!” In the bottom right corner are the words “#Freethevaccine.”


Revise the text.

Share it on social media. #FreeTheVaccine #PeoplesVaccine

What worked?

We tried pairing other images with the question, “who doesn’t deserve a vaccine,” and this is the one that worked best. Photos got too specific – the cartoon felt like a better fit.

Other Notes:

This image was created using canva.com, so all art work was pulled from this site.

    Original files can be provided for exhibition

Reflections from Emilie Seibert

What would be your next steps, building on this idea, if you had a million dollars and all the time and skills in the world?

The next steps would be to further refine this image and then use it as a poster to put everywhere (billboards, subways, etc.). So people realize that EVERYONE deserves access to a vaccine.

About this project
  • Emilie Seibert
  • Laura Holzman

May, 2020

Image/graphic, Online/web thing

United States, Grand Rapids


Public Domain